Skapegoat is a band from southern germany. We make post-rockish-indie-guitar music. We like long songs. We love delay. We tape parts that we like. Unfortunately not as often as we like.

Today we are four guys spread over Germany, working in different dayjobs and play in different bands. When there is time we make music as Skapegoat, collect parts and record them at the studio of our close friend and former member Robert.

Formed in the 90ies we recorded two albums as Skapegoat. One in 2001 called „album of the universe“ and one in 2005 called „allaboutaway“. You can find nearly all those songs on the web for free. In 2012 we plan to release a few new songs.

Until then you can stick with the releases of some of the other bands we are in:

Christian is making music and releasing records with his band BLCKWVS (Blackwaves).

Marc is making music and just released a record with his band Apostrophe.

Robert is musically known as Robenz and Doserhand an recently published new music with another friend of ours. The are called Robenz & Sejval. Check them out here.

You can also find us here: